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INTERVIEW: Ice Age Farmer warns that food scarcity is being ENGINEERED by globalists to enslave the human race
By healthranger // 2020-09-11
Christian Westbrook is known as the "Ice Age Farmer," and he's a sharp analyst who has been monitoring and investigating the food supply and its relationship with natural ecological cycles (including solar cycles). He has come to the conclusion that food scarcity is being engineered across our world to starve human beings into submission under global authoritarianism. Food scarcity is about to get a whole lot worse, too, he explains in this important Brighteon Conversations video interview (below). Ice Age Farmer also has a channel on And his primary website is where he hosts exclusive videos and other important content. Watch my interview with him here. This is a very high-IQ conversation, so if you enjoy intellectual stimulation about critical topics, you'll love this video: Share this video using the following link: Or try this censorship-resistant link on Facebook or Twitter, both of which ban links: Finally, join the all-new site to share videos, chats, MP3 files and more. It's the new free speech alternative to Twitter. Join now at See more stories about the engineered global food supply collapse at