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Situation Update, Dec. 19th - China engineering WAR between USA and Russia
By healthranger // 2020-12-19
Highlights from the Dec. 19th Situation Update (full podcast embedded below):
  • Biden officials cut off from Pentagon briefings because Joe Biden is an enemy combatant, complicit in China-spearheaded warfare against the United States.
  • Trump meeting with Chris Miller at the White House.
  • Gen. Flynn's comments on the SolarWinds cyber attack: "The keys to the vault."
  • Foreign influence and Flynn's calls for military deployment to defend the republic.
  • Has China compromised America's first strike retaliatory capability?
  • Rumors of troop gatherings in swing states.
  • The big picture: China manipulating its puppets in the USA (Big Tech, media, FBI, etc.) to engineer the USA into a war with Russia. (So that China can conquer North America after the USA is weakened.)
  • Review of the breach of the National Nuclear Security Administration.
  • Most Fortune 500 corporations breached by the SolarWinds hack.
  • Maricopa County trying to hide Dominion voting machines from state senate subpoena. (An admission of guilt.)
  • Georgia also hiding Dominion voting machines from voters, refusing public records requests.
  • "Phantom voters," zombie voters, sleeper voters and other "ghost" voters that Dems use to rig elections.
  • 100% of California votes are legally invalid.
  • Manual recount confirms Trump won counties that were falsely reported as Biden victories.
  • NYT calls for vaccine genocide against Whites.
  • Andrew Yang wants to use barcodes to "brand" people according to their vaccine compliance.
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