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DEI prosecutor who once said she'd never 'degrade herself for a dolla' was just convicted for stealing $15 million in COVID funds
By newseditors // 2024-06-11
You probably won’t be surprised to hear about another DEI fraud case out of the Peach State. Atlanta is quickly becoming a rival to Chicago in the corruption market with its lying, thieving, and dicey left-wing politics. As it turns out, an Atlanta prosecutor who once declared she would never degrade herself “for a dolla” actually pocketed 15 million “dollas” in COVID relief funds. She splurged on a Rolls-Royce and diamonds. It seems like discretion and keeping a low profile aren’t in her playbook, eh? (Article republished from Collin Rugg:
NEW: Atlanta prosecutor who is shown on a podcast talking about integrity, has been jailed for 7 years for stealing $15 million in COV*D relief loans. Remarkable. Shelitha Robertson, who said she would never degrade herself “for a dolla,” used the PPP loans to buy a Rolls Royce, a 10-carat diamond ring, and a motorbike. Robertson submitted a false loan application claiming she needed money for her four businesses. She also transferred funds to family members. “Motivated by greed, Robertson deceptively obtained funds that were designated to provide emergency financial relief to struggling small businesses during the COV*D-19 pandemic, said U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan. While appearing on her daughter’s podcast, Robertson talked about integrity. “I choose integrity and whatever else it brings. I don’t choose selling your soul. Because that would mean I am willing to belittle myself and degrade myself for the love of what? Of a dolla,” she said. “How my kids view me and respect me, means more to me than earning a quick dollar for me to be something that I’m not.” Typically, the people who talk the loudest about how good they are, are actually the worst people.
There definitely seems to be a “type” in these fraud cases out of Georgia. Shelitha Robertson (@ShelithaR127) / X And this story wouldn’t be complete without a financial connection to another DEI fraud out of Georgia, named Big Fani Willis. Daily Mail:
The ex-assistant city attorney of Atlanta who was jailed for defrauding the federal government out of $15 million in COVID relief loans also made a donation to the local DA. Shelitha Robertson, 62, donated $1,000 to Fani Willis’s Democratic primary election campaign around the time she got the massive payouts – obtained after declaring inflated businesses to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), filings show. A few years later, the Georgia jurist would charge former President Donald Trump with racketeering following a 13-count indictment accused him of trying to illegally overturn the 2020 election. Trump is one of 19 indicted in the sprawling case, which was halted Wednesday as a result of Robertson’s arrest. Also a life advice podcaster, Robertson used the funds meant for small businesses to buy a 10 carat diamond ring, a Rolls Royce, and a motorcycle, while Trump, 77, continues to deny any wrongdoing.
Revolver has covered this fascinating DEI fall from grace involving many black women working within the justice system, who have sadly turned the entire country into a “DMV” with their subpar abilities and penchant for stealing and lying. Revolver:
The American regime is groaning both in public and behind closed doors at the trouble Fani Willis has stirred up for them. But just as Fani deserves her ongoing humiliation, so do all of her enablers. They have asked, loudly and proudly, for every part of this. After all, Fani Willis is the avatar of DMV America—the combination of racial caste system and kakistocracy that the American regime is determined to erect in what was once the world’s proudest meritocratic society. We have extensively chronicled the decay rotting out America as it pays for bad decisions made decades ago. We’ve covered the degradation of America’s power grid, its airports, and even its amusement parks. But just as glaring as any physical decay will be the decay in human capital—the disappearance of talented and morally upright people who are replaced by farcical parasites who bask in how useless and entitled they are. Back in the mid-90s, when Willis attended law school, her alma mater at Emory averaged a U.S. News ranking in the mid-20s—in the top quarter but also well outside the Top 14 that has traditionally designated America’s best law schools. And that’s frightful, in fact. We can safely guess that Willis was not an above-average Emory student, or even the median one. All of us know the truth: America has for decades run a pervasive race-based affirmative action racket in which students from preferred races get a huge boost to their college admissions. The odds that Willis scored below Emory’s median LSAT—and perhaps well below—are very high. The median black LSAT score is around 142 points, meaning that any score above 160 represents the top three percent of all test-takers. But if Willis was scoring in the top 3 percent, then frankly, she would have been able to punch a ticket to a top law school, like Harvard or Columbia, or, hell, at least Georgetown. Going to Emory, with the massive admissions boost she could count on based on skin color alone, indicates Willis’s LSAT score may have been frightful. There are, no exaggeration, hundreds of thousands of lawyers in America who are smarter and better-qualified to be prosecutors in a major American city. But Fani is the one we have. And you know what might be the funniest part? Fani is, in many ways, the cream of the crop. Say what you will about Fani cavorting with her boyfriend—she does, at least, manage to prosecute some actual criminals. That puts her far ahead of recently-departed St. Louis, Missouri, circuit attorney Kim Gardner. During her six-year run as the top prosecutor in America’s deadliest city, Gardner:
  • Let St. Louis’s murder rate balloon to 87 per 100,000, more than double the rate of Johannesburg and in the top 10 for all of planet Earth.
  • Admitted to paying for her personal apartment using campaign funds.
  • Criminally charged the McCloskeys for brandishing unloaded firearms at a BLM mob, then fundraised off said prosecution in such a glaring manner that a judge kicked her off the case.
  • Falsely accused police of pulling her over for no reason as an intimidation tactic—when, in fact, camera footage showed she was driving without working headlights.
  • Sued her own city under the Ku Klux Klan Act, alleging a vast racist conspiracy against her by the city government and police department.
  • Illegally spent two years secretly pursuing a nursing degree while still serving as a circuit attorney.
  • Repeatedly had to drop criminal charges against alleged murderers because her office just could not stop screwing up.
In Baltimore, former state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby hoped to use the Freddie Gray case to launch her national fame. Instead, her shoddy, politically motivated prosecution of local police sent the signal that Baltimore was a free-fire zone, and the city soon became one of the most violent in the world. Then, just as things were getting a bit better, Mosby used COVID as an excuse to get even more lenient on crime.
You can read the entire fascinating breakdown of the “DEI DMV” that America has become here: DMV America: The Regime’s Fani Willis Problem, and Ours Really, it’s quite fascinating how the folks who despise President Trump and label him a “fraud” are the ones getting caught actually committing fraud and duping the people who trusted them. Clearly, there’s a chronic “Big Fani Syndrome” unfolding in Atlanta, and it’s the same story in other parts of liberal-run America too. The good news is that President Trump continues to soar in the polls, as Americans see through the left-wing charade. Ryan James Girdusky:
State polling has been very consistent for a long time. Trump has led in every 37/38 polls in ARIZONA since August 2023 Trump has led in every poll in FLORIDA since March 2023 Trump has led in every poll in GEORGIA since June 2023 Trump has led in every poll in NEVADA since Oct. 2023 Trump has led in every poll in NORTH CAROLINA since Nov 2023 Trump has led in every poll in OHIO since Aug. 2022 Trump has led in 23/34 polls in PENNSYLVANIA since Nov. 2023 Trump has led in every poll in TEXAS since June 2022 Trump has led in 20/34 polls in WISCONSIN since Oct 2023
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